• MSW Municipal Waste Sorting Machine Waste Trommel Screen For Waste Recycling

  • Waste recycling and sorting plant trommel screen applications:
    Trommel screen separator can screen the following materials: black earth, compost, organic waste, green waste, wood waste (bark, sawdust, woodchips etc), domestic refuse, municipal waste, recycled asphalt, concrete, slag coal, sand, gravel, sone, clay, alluvial gold sand and many other materials.
    Waste recycling and sorting plant trommel screen effects and principles
    1>.It includes hexagon drum or round drum,rack,hopper,reducer and motor.
    2>.it dependson centrifugal force and jigging action of the drum rolling,differentsize of the crushed materials can be
    3>And they will be in the respective hoppers and then take away by people or belt conveyor.
    Municipal Waste → Metal Sorting → Plastic Sorting → Organic Waste → Fertilizer
    This line is mainly to handle municipal life garbage.It can completely separate different components from waste and create the good condition for processing the down-stream products. The organic material can be processed into different end-uses of organic fertilizer via high temperature hydrolyze and prepare the technics. The equipment is with advanced technology, reasonable layout, low power consumption safe and durable.

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