• High Efficiency Msw Waste Bag Opener On Sale Bag opener is applied for breaking wastes bags and delivering wastes to the sorting line. Bag opener is equipped with blades to easily break and open wastes bags without human participation. Breaking rate could reach 99%

  • Can improve your current MSW recycling system
    Bags openers are special blade double shaft shredders that perfectly adapt to treatments that required product preparation for subsequent manual sorting and automatic selection. High material flows can be treated when operated without a screen.
    The bags openers version is used to process heterogeneous waste, opening the bags without shredding and cutting the materials inside, before the selection line.
    There are many models to choose :
    Model P600*400
    Model P600*600
    Model P600*800
    Model P600*1000
    Model P600*1200
    Model P600*1400
    High break rate
    Wide application scope
    High capacity
    Simple operation
    Good performance
    Variable speed
    Based on customer's needs
    One year warranty, 24 hours online service

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